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Cute Laundry Basket Roundup

Today I’m sharing my cute laundry basket roundup. Fun fact about me; laundry is my favorite household chore. But, when it comes to dishes count me out YUCK! So, I’ve rounded up all of my top laundry basket choices. I’m also sharing an awesome laundry hack; so keep reading!

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Laundry Hack

I have a life chaining laundry hack for you! I know many people dread the sorting and taking to each different room the clothes belong in. I do each person’s laundry separately. Each person in the family has their own laundry basket and when it gets full or they need a certain item washed I do their laundry. It makes it so much easier when I can fold all of that person’s clothes, put them back in the basket and take it directly to their room. Honestly, try it out if you’re able!

Want to see our laundry room makeover? Check that out here. Also, check out the before and after of this bathroom here. It’s super budget friendly too. The paint color on the walls is Clare Fresh Kicks which you can find here. I hope this post helps you find a cute laundry basket for your home!

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