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Budget Friendly Easter Baskets

With everything going on in our world I wanted to bring you guys budget friendly Easter basket ideas. I don’t know about you, but we are trying to spend as little as possible. But, I didn’t want to make the holiday any less special. I also wanted to avoid going into stores to shop for the Easter basket fillers. Luckily, Target, Five Below and Amazon had everything I needed to complete their baskets.

All three of my kids have the same larger Easter basket from Target. We use the same ones every year, if you don’t do this I highly recommend it for these reasons: 1. it cuts back on waste 2. who needs 18 plastic buckets floating around their house 3. save money. Also, Target restocks these baskets every Easter since 2012 so if you’re not done having kiddos there’s a good chance these will come back out again when you do! Okay, now lets get into the good stuff. I’m going to break down what I purchased.

Easter Basket Ideas
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Easter Basket Fillers

  • Bunny Cupcake Kit– I thought this was a really cute and fun family activity to do. Since, we won’t be able to celebrate Easter the traditional way with extended family, making new memories and traditions is so important.
  • Bracelets– my girls love jewelry and accessories, I thought these were adorable.
  • Umbrella– Cece has been wanting an umbrella forever, a perfect spring time addition.
  • Kinder Eggs– All of my kids are obsessed with these! They’re perfect because its a treat and a little toy in each one. They are a really easy basket filler.
  • Pre-Filled Eggs– Ummm yes please! For only $6 you get 12 pre-filled eggs. BONUS: they are filled with little trinkets and not sugar!!
  • Scented Stamping Markers– Cece absolutely loves stamping, so I knew I wanted to get these for her. BONUS: an easy fine motor activity.
  • Books– I always add a book into my kiddos Easter basket. Usually, I will do a bunny book, or something somewhat related to Easter. But, as Vinny gets older I just get a book that will interest him. He’s currently Fortnite obsessed, anyone else have a kiddo like this!?

  • Rainbow Backpack– This one is for Holly, she is always stealing Cece’s bags so I figured she needed one of her own.
  • Lip Smackers- I loved that these smackers come with the lanyard to clip them to. Cece loves makeup and jewelry, these combine both!
  • Plushies– My kiddos love stuffed animals/plushies. The “squishmallow” animals are so soft and adorable. Target also has a ton of cute plushies.
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Want more Easter basket inspo? Check out my post from last year here. There’s a ton of good ideas and toys my kids still play with. I know this Easter might be “weird” but it will be what you make it. Take this time to really enjoy your family and create new traditions. I hope you all have a safe, healthy and Happy Easter!

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