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Cozy Fireplace Update

Tonight I am sharing our cozy fireplace update. This project was inspired by Lauren McBride, you can check out her cozy fireplace here. Updating our fireplace has been something we have wanted to do since we move in but we weren’t exactly sure what to do with it. But, after we painted our laundry and bathroom with Clare Paint: Fresh Kicks I knew this was the color I wanted for my stone fireplace.

painted fireplace Cozy Fireplace
Clare paint gave great coverage.
painted fireplace Cozy Fireplace Update
I love how much brighter it is!
painted fireplace Cozy Fireplace Update
My helpers.

How I Painted the Stone

So, I am the opposite of a DIY-er and not a seasoned painter but I managed to pull this project off. I started when my girls were napping in the afternoon and finished before bed time that day. Overall, it was a relatively quick project. I used a 3 inch paint brush to cover more space quicker and then went over it with Clare’s 2 inch angled paint brush. This brush gave me great coverage and I only had to do two coats total. I did apply the paint thick to get full coverage. The whole project still only used less than half a gallon of paint. I am SO happy we painted our stone fireplace.

electric fireplace Cozy Fireplace Update
electric fireplace Cozy Fireplace Update

Electric Fireplace Insert

Before we had the electric fireplace insert it was just a giant black hole. It was such an eye sore. I cannot get over how REAL this fireplace looks and feels. There are three different flame settings and even cackling noise options. It also has the option to have it produce heat. I LOVE that it can be turned off and on such a great bonus. I am currently writing this post cozied up on the couch with the fireplace on, both kids next to me watching Frozen. Seriously, does it get anymore COZY!? Shop this exact electric fireplace insert here.

cozy painted fireplace Cozy Fireplace Update


You guys, I installed the fireplace on my own, that’s how easy it was! I unboxed the fireplace, removed the old logs from the fireplace and literally sat the electric insert in the space. The 33 inch insert fit PERFECTLY. We plugged it in with an outlet nearby but will eventually look for a more permanent solution with an outlet that the kiddos can’t reach. You may be wondering why we didn’t just use the real fireplace but, with kids it’s safer and easier to have something that isn’t going to produce real flames. Also, I am not a huge fan of the smell that fireplaces produce. Also, this is a budget friendly option since converting our current one to gas wasn’t really in the budget.

I am so happy we completed this project just in time for Christmas. We will be enjoying our cozy fireplace update all winter long. So many cozy times to be had here. Also, my new life motto: if you don’t like it, paint it white!

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