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29 things I’ve learned in 29 years

29 things I've learned

I thought it would be fun to share 29 things I’ve learned in 29 years. Some might be cliche but they’re the things I wish I knew then but I learned along the way.

  1. Family comes first always. As a teenager you might not like your family and at times even HATE them but as you get older you realize they are the most important things in life.
  2. Friends will come and go. It’s one of the most unfortunate parts of growing up. But, the ones that stick around, those are the friends you make sure to show up for!
  3. Not everyone will like you. As someone who seeks constant approval I’ve learned to embrace the fact not everyone will appreciate, like or approve of what I’m doing and that is okay. I always think back to a Paul Newman quote one of my high school history teachers shared; “If you don’t have enemies you don’t have character”.
  4. Stand up for what you believe in, always. It might not be cool to do the right thing but always do what you feel and know is right. This is something I’ve really stuck true to and I am thankful for that.
  5. Always, always trust your gut. If your stomach says something isn’t right, chances are something isn’t right.
  6. Embrace your body. One of the major ways I do this is through fashion. As a mom of three, of course there are times that I don’t love the way my body looks but I find there is nothing a good outfit can’t fix.
  7. Even if it seems hard, do the things. Sometimes it can be easy to stay in your comfort zone and that’s okay too. But, push yourself to do the things that may not always be easy or comfy, it’s usually where you learn the most and have the most fun.
  8. Say you are sorry. Everyone makes mistakes and when you do own up to it and apologize. I like to think it teaches my kids that it’s okay to make a mistake but when you do make sure you show remorse.
  9. Accept or move on from what is out of your control. This one can be so hard. Especially when you see a family member or friend making decisions you don’t agree with but, you can’t change someones path. It isn’t worth it to dwell on other people’s choices.
  10. TAKE PHOTOS! I’ve always been the annoying one with a camera and I have no regrets. When I lost one of my closest childhood friends this year I was so so grateful for all of the photos we had together.
  11. Stop worrying about what others think about you. When I pressed publish on my first blog post in 2017, I was TERRIFIED of what people would think about me. But, I absolutely love blogging and sharing. I almost let other peoples opinions stop me from doing something I enjoy so much.
  12. The teenage years are so hard. Your emotions are all over the place and you can feel super alone but, if you’re a teenager reading this I PROMISE it gets better.
  13. Speak your truth. Don’t hold in how you feel. Never regret something you didn’t say.
  14. “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Grace Hopper another quote I live by.
  15. KEEP IT FUCKING REAL. Sorry guys, too much? But in this day and age there is SO much fake and phoniness and that is something I cannot stand. Gluten free might be trending but you don’t have to follow that trend. Especially, if you love gluten.
  16. DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES. I kind of feel like I am writing this to my children. But, overall I mean don’t do the things that others are doing because it seems cool. Also, I really really hate cigarettes.
  17. Something I’ve learned very recently; If you don’t like it paint it white. Check out my fireplace post and you’ll understand why.
  18. Read to your children often.
  19. Be the fun aunt. I’m the aunt that always has the good snacks, the one who gifts the things parents hate. Like a giant bag full of candy. But, someones gotta do it.
  20. Let your kiddos stay up late, sometimes. It’s fun to be spontaneous and not live in a world with such a rigid routine.
  21. Don’t throw away your favorite clothing pieces. Styles come back in and your children may want them in the future. I know I always wished I had a pair of my mom’s vintage flares.
  22. You get what you pay for. This is so true in so many aspects of life. Don’t expect flawless skin from dollar store moisturizer or jeans that will last a life time from Amazon.
  23. Be flexible and go with the flow.
  24. The only constant is change. Change can be so hard, I especially hate it but, it’s going to happen and it’s better to just embrace and accept it than complain and defy it.
  25. Don’t take everything personally.
  26. Know your worth, and demand it. I’ve especially learned this in the “influencer” world. There may be bigger and better influencers out there but, I still have value to contribute and should be compensated accordingly. But, it’s the same for relationships too, your s/o, friends and family should all treat you kindly. Never let someone make you feel less than.
  27. Listen to your body. If it hurts, STOP! I learned this last year after I kept pushing through the back pain in pregnancy. I ended up needing back surgery and it was awful. It is okay to rest when you need to rest.
  28. Don’t compare your life to Pinterest. Like, seriously just stop! Make your home your own kind of beautiful and learn to love what you have.
  29. Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously, dance like a goofball, embrace the double chin in the photos, laugh at your own jokes, wear the swimsuit, get down on the ground to play with your kids and love with your whole heart.
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