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Five Minute Makeup & Skincare

Happy New Year! I don’t have any grand goals or resolutions this year just simple ideas to keep myself motivated at home. One of my goals is to get dressed and ready *every* day or at least more often. I am not a morning person so I find myself struggling to get through the routine. I’m hoping getting dressed and slapping on a face will help. So, here’s my five minute makeup & skincare routine!

Tangible Tips

Here are a few tangible tips to help make getting ready daily easier:

  • Set your skincare & makeup out ahead of time. Almost like picking out an outfit for the next day, have your go-to products ready to use.
  • Only use what you “need” to feel put together. For example, I ditch the mascara.. it’s not a must have for me!
  • Use brushes to apply quickly & mess free.
Five minute makeup


Five minute skincare


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I hope this five minute makeup & skincare post helps you get motivated to get ready this year! If you’re looking for more beauty inspo check out this section of my blog.

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