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Salon Perfect Manicure at Home

Today I’m sharing my tips and tricks for getting a salon perfect manicure at home. I’ve been using Essie Gel Couture for a while now and I absolutely love this polish. It is the only polish that lasts more than a day on my nails. It gives a gel like finish without any lamps. All you need is the gel top coat and it seals them.

spring manicure
spring manicure

Steps for Getting a Salon Perfect Manicure

  • Start off by making sure your nails are completely dry. If you wash your hands; wait some time before polishing.
  • Trim, buff and shape nails.
  • Swipe a small amount of nail polish remover on your nails before painting to prep the nail and remove excess dirt & oil.
  • Paint three thin to medium coats of the color of your choice.
  • Finish with a top coat of the Essie Gel Couture. Pro Tip: seal the tips of your nails by swiping the polish on the top edge of your nail.
  • I use Olive & June dry drops once i’m done to expedite the drying process. They are my favorite.
  • To get the most life out of your manicure add another top coat the next day!
spring nail colors
spring nail colors

Essie Gel Couture Colors:

  • Take Me To Thread
  • All Dressed Up
  • Princess Charming
  • Fairy Tailor
  • Pre Show Jitters
  • Clear Top Coat

Colorful Ombre Nails

I love colorful manicures. Want to see another colorful mani? Check out this post. For this manicure I did an ombre style and went from darker to lighter. What I love about this is all of the colors are still pretty neutral colors I will use regularly. So, tell me what color are you going to use for your manicure at home? If you’re not already make sure you follow me on instagram.

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At home manicure
At home manicure
At home manicure
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