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The Fall Nail Trend I am Loving

The Lisa Frank, rainbow loving girl inside of me is obsessing over the multi-colored nail trend! I had to jump on board and do a colorful fall manicure of my own. I was able to dig through my polish collection and use colors I already own, which was a bonus. I have a shellac machine, so I can do my own gel manicures at home. I also have a great trick for using your regular polish with gel to get a long lasting manicure. First use gel base coat + gel top coat, then regular polish color and then gel base coat + gel top coat and it works just like a regular gel polish would. This comes in handy when you don’t have the gel color you want but you have it in regular polish.

I love to treat myself to a manicure at the salon but, they can get so pricey. I will try and go to the professionals periodically to keep my cuticles and nails in good shape and then maintain at home. I am awful at filing my nails but, I’ve recently started using a crystal file and that has been life changing. For this manicure I wanted to use colors that compliment each other. I went with a light grey, dark plum, and light army green and I also did a gold glitter accent on my thumb.

I had to also add OPI Bubble Bath to this post because it is the ultimate natural pink polish. It is totally versatile for every season. I have this color on my nails more often than not. It is always my go-to. Some more colorful manicure inspo Here & Here . Fall Manicure Nails

Similar Dark Plum, OPI Bubble Bath, Gold Glitter, Light Grey, Light Army Green

So, what do you think of the colorful fall manicure? Is it something you’ll try out?

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