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New Kitchen Chairs

This year has been such a whirlwind, I think we can all agree on that! Despite everything, I have tried my hardest to keep creating fresh, relevant and helpful content. We’ve completed a ton of home projects for both our home and other families in need. A project I’ve been meaning to share with y’all is our updated kitchen chairs and counter chairs. This year we updated our kitchen island and added some open shelving, check that post out here. Well, like any home project it was a snowball effect, one thing led to another and I decided we needed some new kitchen chairs to complete the space.

kitchen design

New chairs & counter stools

I was really excited to update the table and counter chairs and create a more cohesive look. These chairs were really affordable from Target and come in a ton of different colors. I decided to mix up the colors and use black for the table and natural wood at the island. They are the same style chair so they still give a really cohesive look.

kitchen island design
kitchen island
kitchen island
kitchen table

The natural toned wood and less bulky look definitely fits this space much better. Our previous counter stools were very heavy duty and industrial. We also only had two of them and three fits the island better and our needs as a family, since we have three kiddos. I’ve always said the kitchen is the heart of the home and it should be somewhere you love to be. We’ve made so many updates in here and it finally feels like MY kitchen. In case you missed it, check out our white cabinet transformation here. You can also see our old kitchen chairs in that post too! As always, thank you for your support and feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have.

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