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Overcoming Seasonal Allergies in Little Ones

This post is sponsored by Boogie Wipes. The opinions and content are my own. I only work with brands I truly love, thank you for your support.

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Allergies have always plagued our home. Between living in the Midwest where the humidity and pollen are insane and having the genes passed down from their Dad, both of my kiddos have horrible allergies. We are lucky their congestion mainly stays in their sinus passages and for the most part their lungs stay crystal clear. However, this does tend to cause sinus and ear infections. We do all we can to keep the infections at bay and our kiddos comfortable.

Boogie Drops

Since my son (now 6) was a baby we have been using the Boogie Wipes brand. Their Boogie Wipes have been a lifesaver for years (literally) in our home. So, we were thrilled when they introduced their newest product: Boogie Drops. Our pediatrician recommends cleaning out our little ones’ nasal passages regularly and especially after being outdoors. With the warmer weather, we spend a lot more time outside on the swing, at the park, and going on walks. These simple activities can cause major allergies if the proper precautions are not put in place. We try and give a bath or at least wipe the kids down to get the pollen and other yucky stuff from outside off of them. We also use Boogie Drops. They actually look forward to them because they know it will make them breathe better. My one-year-old daughter will giggle when I put the drops in her nose. I also love that Boogie Drops helps loosen up boogers and make them easier to wipe out. Cece has no patience for me getting her boogies out and this makes the process much easier. The drops are made with  natural saline that also helps moisturize the nasal passage. I love that the drops are gentle enough to use on my baby and yet still get the job done for my big kid.

Boogie Drops


Our Tips & Tricks for Battling Seasonal Allergies:

1. Wipe down or bathe after being outdoors

2. Humidifier in the room at night

3. Saline Boogie Drops & Wipes

4. Warm bath with essential oils 

We love to use the most natural remedies for our little ones. I would love to hear how you help treat and prevent allergy symptoms in your little ones in the comments below.


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