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Traveling with Babies & Children

Hey everyone!! Long time since I last shared, and that has been due to pregnancy. My creative energy and energy all together has been seriously lacking. So, I pressed pause on my social media front and took the time to rest and focus on my family. But, I have really missed it and I am happy to be back at it again. We leave for vacation next week and the amount of items needed to have a successful trip is a bit INSANE!! So, I am here to help share what items you really need. Feel free to screenshot and save the checklist at the end or pin for later.


We love this seat for Cece because it is safe, comfortable and grows with her as she grows. We always look for something with cup holders too so we can keep a toy there for her and eventually snacks or sip cups. Right now she is too wild to be left alone with a snack or drink. The pack and play is so nice we actually upgraded it this year and got her a foam mattress. Since, we have multiple week long trips coming up we felt it was worth the investment (especially with another one on the way, we will definitely get our use out of it) I didn’t like the idea of having the place she sleeps in (the pack and play) being anywhere else besides used for sleep, since I want her to associate it with sleep so we also snagged a play yard with a canopy to keep outside at the house, it will be perfect for any beach trips too! My favorite mama blogger Lynzy shared this adorable little travel seat and I knew we needed it. It will be great for meal time and any time we need her contained, which let’s be honest is often!


I like to keep small handheld toys and devices in the car to keep the kids as entertained as possible. Vincent (6 years old) is definitely occupied with his tablet and Nintendo switch. Cece, on the other hand isn’t quite as simple. Her favorite car ride “game” is throwing her toy onto the floor and making big brother pick it up. Eventually, she gives up on this and will play with her favorite small toy, her play remote. We keep her binky clipped onto her so she doesn’t lose it and offer her a soft blanket to cuddle with. She loves snuggling with her blankies. We also keep a cooler, with milk and snacks. Snacks are the key to success in parenting.


Life vests are a must for us since we spend most of our vacations on the boat or by the pool. We like the vests that are made of Neoprene which is basically a rubber like material that is more comfortable for the kids. Along with safety, we pack our safe sunscreen. I know I’ve shared with you all before but the sunscreen we used to use is full of harmful ingredients (including some that are now banned in certain states) so we only use Beautycounter.  I love how their spray sunscreen is powered by air so it is completely safe.

Baby Girl Life Vest//Vincent’s Life Vest


I recommend bringing anything you have to make your child feel more at home. We bring her sound maker and this always helps her get a better nights rest and drown out small noises that might cause her to wake. I always pack medicine because you never know! I learned the hard way when my son was having horrible ear/mouth pain after flying. Luckily, the neighbors at the house we were staying at had small children and gave us Tylenol, otherwise it would have been a long night. So, just like you pack a first aid kit, I now always bring a fever reducer/pain reliever, Benadryl, and a natural cough syrup.

Some of my favorite swimsuits this year.

traveling with kids

Just a side note, we also got a brand new Chrysler Pacifica this summer and it is ahhh-mazing! This is my second mini-van and I think it’s safe to say I will be a #minivanmomforlife. I hope this helps you plan and pack for your next trip with kiddos. Make sure you screenshot this checklist or pin it for later. Happy traveling!

Baby Travel Checklist


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