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Our Bedtime Routine With Two Kids

Before our sweet little Cecelia entered the world. Our world revolved around Vincent. At night we would always read a book, tell a story, and lay with him until he fell asleep. My husband and I took turns but it was something we both thoroughly enjoyed doing. It was such a sweet and relaxing way to end our days. I told my husband no matter what when our daughter is born I do not want that to change. It is so so important to read to your children. We love books in our family and try and always keep our collection growing.

Bedtime Routine

One way we keep our collection growing is with Incredibundles. Incredibundles is a company that I discovered through the wonderful world of Instagram. Head over to my page to enter my Incredibundles giveaway. Incredibundles is a company that creates themed bundles. They have anything from books, blankets, tethers and toys. They are perfect for gifting to an expecting mother, newborn baby or even for a kiddos birthday. They have so many amazing options. Since, we have a large collection of books and many of the bundles had books we already own I decided to “create a bundle”. They have so many classic books and new titles too! We chose Giraffes Can’t Dance, Rain Rain Go Away, and The Little Red Hen. I also scooped up a few baby essentials like an Aden + Anais Organic Swaddle blanket and a teether. It comes in a really cute reusable storage container. This is such a fun way to keep our book collection growing and excite the kiddos. My oldest (Vincent 6) was really excited to get this box and read our new books. As a mother of two I can tell you I would totally appreciate this as a gift. One thing I love about Incredibundles is how they tailor their items to only include practical and necessary choices. It takes the guess work out of gifting. So, if you are a Mom yourself or are looking for the perfect gift I would check out Incredibundles. We personally used our bundle to keep our night time routine fun and comfortable for my son and snag a few essentials for Cece. Like I said earlier I really didn’t want our nighttime routine to change.

reading with kids

With that being said, our routine did have to shift some. Not only because we had a new baby but also with the start of Kindergarten. We needed to get on a schedule and get him in bed at a good time. Sleep is FUNDAMENTAL for young children. When people talk about their child struggling in any capacity the first thing I always wonder “is your child getting enough sleep?” If you’re wondering whether or not your child gets enough sleep here is a great resource to check. We start our bedtime routine now at 7. This is when we go potty, brush teeth, put on pajamas and get cozied into bed. Typically, I lay with my son in bed and we read a book. Lately, we have been on a Junie B. Jones kick. After we read a chapter or two we snuggle and talk about the day. Once he is drowsy or asleep, which is around 7:30, I head downstairs and my husband and I relax. Since, we now do a bottle before bed with my daughter, my husband will feed her and put her to bed. So, it actually works out great. It took us about six months to get to this routine. This means that on a typical night in our house both kids are in bed by 7:30.

Bedtime Routine

reading with kids

reading with kids

One of the best parts about this is that my husband and I still get to have some adult time at the end of each day. It is so important to make time for each other and this is one of the small ways we do it. Its nice to be able to wind down and have quiet time for just us. In our family we all thrive on routine.

What do your bedtime routines look like with your little ones and what is your favorite night time story?



  1. May 16, 2018 / 1:21 pm

    We need to get into a good bedtime routine with my two year old. He will go to sleep anywhere from 830 to 1130. My daughter is also in kindergarten and is asleep by 8. Our routine is about the same as yours.

  2. Stephanie M
    May 18, 2018 / 6:36 pm

    Your children are adorable! Our current youngest is always ready and asks to go to sleep by 7:00 and loves any and all bedtime stories. I’m hoping our next little one is laid back too! IG: mama.loving.life

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