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Spring Style for Baby Girl

Can you even believe it is going to be March, TOMORROW! I am so excited for spring. Every year we go to Florida for spring break and I am really looking forward to that. I love spring fashion for both mama and baby. So, I decided to put together a little post highlighting some of my favorite finds for Cece this spring. I think my number one priority when it comes to every day pieces for both myself and my kids is comfort. I cannot stand being uncomfortable in something and I know kiddos feel the same way. They want to be able to move after all that’s what they do all day long. So, here are some of my favorite finds for my baby girl.

baby girl spring outfit

 I love the simplicity of one pieces. You throw them on and they are ready to go. They make diaper changes easy and I think they are so cute. I also love that the shirt won’t ride up because it is just one piece. One of my pet peeves is when Cece’s in leggings and a top and her belly hangs out.

baby girl spring outfit

 I absolutely love these one pieces from Old Navy They are super soft and perfect for warmer days. They are pants so on those chillier spring days just pair it with a jean jacket or any jacket and baby is good to go. The adorable bunny slippers were gifted to us from my dear friend Alexa

baby girl spring outfit

Bubbles are another must have for baby girl. I don’t know about your babies but Cece loves to have her legs free and her toes reachable. Bubbles are a staple piece for baby girls in the warmer months.

baby girl spring outfit

 I love these rompers because they are for the cooler days and unfortunately, here in Ohio a lot of our spring days are chilly.

baby girl spring outfit

 When I saw this light purple gingham bubble it reminded me so much of something I would have worn as a baby I knew I needed it for Cece. I love styles that are reminiscent of my childhood. Pair it with a classic bucket hat and baby is ready for a sunny day.

baby girl spring outfit

Bunny Joggers // Bunny Set

Last, are just a few items I scooped up from Target for Easter. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say if you put a bunny on something it will be adorable.

Anyone else have a kiddo who is better dressed than them?


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