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Cooking with Kids

Cooking With Kids

Cooking and baking with my son is something I love to do. Even if I can only keep his attention in the kitchen for a few minutes I like to get him involved. Sometimes it can be as simple as turning on our mixer and watching it mix up. While other times he’s actually using measuring cups and focused on getting the recipe just right. Either way its a great experience. Cooking with your kids goes way beyond simply preparing a meal. It creates a strong foundation for life skills in the future. It builds family strength, number concepts, and a sense of pride. When my son was involved in making pizza he is super excited to eat them and tell everyone all about his hard work and how delicious it turned out.

Buffalo chicken Pizza

So, with all of that being said and National Pizza Day approaching on Febuary 9th, we decided to make homemade pizzas. This is a family favorite. Typically, we buy the pre-made pizza crust and just add on the toppings. But, this time we decided to start with dough. We used the Pillsbury pizza dough. Cooking doesn’t have to be super complex and it is totally fine to utilize the ingredients that help simplify the cooking process. Here is our Buffalo Chicken Pizza recipe. If you ever watch my Instagram stories, you know this is my absolute favorite type of pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

I like to keep it super simple. But, you can always add celery and onions. Personally, vegetables have no place on my pizza. Nor does pineapple, yuck!! My son does not share my love for Buffalo Chicken Pizza. So, for him we do a classic pepperoni. Enjoying these moments with your little one will truly create lifelong memories and habits.

Cooking With KidsInspired by: Pizza Fire

Cooking With Kids

If you are feeling extra ambitious end the night with a quick baking session. Pick up your favorite boxed mix and have fun. For us, we love brownies. Since, I try and avoid sugar as much as possible I usually pack them in his lunches as a special treat that week. Gotta keep them out of my reach haha! I hope this inspires you to get in the kitchen with your little ones. I know the messes that will be made can seem daunting but I promise its worth it. Start with something simple (even mac and cheese) and get them involved. Comment your favorite thing to bake or cook with your little ones.


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