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Master Bedroom Black Bead Board Accent Wall

We’ve always had a plan to add an accent wall to our master bedroom. After I painted our living room windows black, I knew I wanted the accent wall to be black too! I debated between board and batten and shiplap but ultimately decided to do bead board. I am so glad I did, I think it was the perfect upgrade to our master bedroom.

black bead board

Modern, Farmhouse & Transitional

I wanted clean lines and a more modern, farmhouse, transitional feel. I know that many people say farmhouse is on its way out but I don’t necessarily think that’s true. I think some of the “clutter” of farmhouse has become overwhelming but the roots of farmhouse are still very present. Transitional home decor blends clean lines, comfort and modern style.

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black bead board accent wall

New Moroccan Rug

One of my favorite ways to upgrade a space is with a new rug. Our previous rug was beautiful but made of wool. Wool rugs tend to shed and it was quite a nuisance to keep clean. We opted for a Well Woven rug because they have quality rugs and they don’t shed. You read that right Well Woven rugs do not shed. I love the knotted fringe details. The light grey pattern also makes the room feel lighter, brighter and larger! Shop our rug here.

black bead board accent wall
transitional master bedroom
master bedroom

Since the accent wall is black I decided to change the light fixtures to gold so the would pop more. Rather than buying new we sprayed the old fixtures with Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Rush Spray Paint. I also kept the nightstands super simple with minimal decor. If you want to see what our room used to look like, check out this post. I am loving the way it looks for now but also can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas soon. I hope this post provides some inspiration and if a bead board accent wall isn’t in the cards for you maybe even just a black accent wall! Don’t be afraid to try a new paint color to make a bold statement.

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Bedroom Details

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