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Personalized Gifts and Home Decor

I love when partnerships happen with brands I already love. Personalization Mall is a brand I’ve been shopping with since 2016. They are one of my favorite spots to get custom gifts for loved ones. They have a ton of personalized gifts and home decor options too! This year I scooped up a few custom Easter pillows and outdoor garden stones. Get 20% off your purchase with code: INSPREAL.

This post is sponsored by Personalization Mall & contains affiliate links. The opinions and content are my own. I only work with brands I truly love, thank you for your support.

custom throw pillow
custom throw pillow

Free Personalization + Quick Delivery

Personalized Mall has a quicker turnaround rate than other brands. I ordered on March 11th and they were delivered on March 13th! It only took two days for them to create + send the items. Another huge bonus is the customization is always free. Personalization Mall makes it so easy to order personalized gifts and home decor.

custom garden stones

Why I love incorporating personalized decor in my home

I love personalizing pieces in our home with the kids names for multiple reasons. The kiddos get so excited to see their name especially on cute little bunnies. It also helps create a literacy rich environment. As silly as it may seem; it really does help build name and letter recognition. As a former preschool teacher we would find ways to incorporate the kiddos names throughout the classroom, I apply that same concept at home. The more they see their name the more familiar they become with it.

custom throw pillow
custom throw pillow
custom throw pillow

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a thoughtful wedding gift or Mother’s day Personalization Mall has you covered. They offer personalized cutting boards, champagne/wine bottle labels, blankets and glasses. I love the idea of gifting everything you need for a charcuterie board with one of their cutting boards. Another cute idea (and one I’ve done) is gifting a custom cookie jar filled with treats. With their fast turnaround time and high quality items I highly suggest checking out Personalization Mall for personalized gifts and home decor.

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