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Decorate your Christmas Tree in Five Easy Steps

Today I’m sharing how to decorate your Christmas tree in five easy steps. If you’re like me you may struggle with getting your tree just the way you like it. That’s why this year I set out to create the perfect formula for creating a gorgeous but attainable Christmas tree. The reason I say attainable is this tree is not going to cost you first and last months rent to create but it might look like it did!

The first thing I do when taking on any project is search for inspiration. A lot of my inspiration came from throw pillows I already had. I knew I wanted a natural looking tree with pops of red. Stella with The Hearts Delight also gave me major inspo. I love how her tree so tastefully added in buffalo plaid. As much as I love Pinterest for inspiration sometimes the images you find on there can be discouraging rather than inspiring. I hope this post brings you all the realistic inspo you need to get your tree decorated!

Christmas tree decorating, Decorate your Christmas Tree in Five Easy Steps

Wrap your tree in ribbon! Make sure you don’t overthink this. It may look “off” at first but I promise once you add more trimmings it will all come together. One thing I do suggest is make sure all of the ribbon is facing the right way so you don’t see the back of the ribbon at all.

Christmas tree decorating

Add in any large statement pieces. For example, I have large buffalo plaid bows. You may use something like this or oversized ornaments, florals etc. Basically, add in your “wow” item here.

Decorate your Christmas Tree in Five Easy Steps

This is when it gets fun. Here is when you can add in your berries, stems, branches, or florals. I added in champagne colored berries and gold dusted reindeer antlers. I love the extra dimension it gives the tree.

Christmas tree decorating
Christmas tree decorating

Add bulbs. If you have a special set of bulbs that are all similar or the same add them in at once. This way you can make sure you’re balancing everything out on the Christmas tree. Here I added in Rae Dunn inspired bulbs.

Christmas tree decorating
Christmas tree decorating

Lastly, add in your color and any special ornaments. As much as I love a neutral tree I just love red at Christmas. I knew I wanted to add in a pop of red on this tree. These matte red bulbs give just the right amount of red. I also added some of my favorite neutral ornaments.

Christmas tree decorating
christmas tree decorating

Bonus Tips:

  • Have fun and don’t overthink it!
  • Pre-lit and flocked trees are beautiful to start and make decorating easier.
  • Balance your tree and make sure the decorations are even throughout.
  • If you really want to kick it up a notch add coordinating throw pillows and gifts around the bottom of the tree!

Looking for more inspo? Check out my holiday home tour from two years back here and stay tuned for this years holiday home tour! My goal of this post is to help give you the tools you need to decorate a Christmas tree you love. Let me know in the comments if this post helps you or if you have any questions.

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