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My Top Target Toy Picks

Target Toys, My Top Target Toy Picks

Who is thinking about Christmas shopping!? I know I am. That’s why when I saw the amazing deal Target is running on toys, I knew I needed to share my top Target Toy Picks with you guys. Right now you can take $25 off every $100 spent on toys + 5% off with the red card. Essentially Target toys are 30% off right now. So, this is going to be a comprehensive list of my top Target toy picks. I will organize it by each one of my kiddos and what I will be getting for them. Hope this helps you kick off your holiday shopping.

make sure you check out multiple times if your order reaches over $100 this will get you the best bang for your buck with discounts.

Vinny (boy age 7 almost 8)

I think Vinny’s age is the most difficult to shop for. He isn’t super into toys right now, other than electronics. But, he still wants that excitement on Christmas morning opening up lots of gifts. So, here is a selection of toys Vinny either has or I plan to get for him.

Really Rad Robots– What sold me on this robot is how it can go over difficult terrains. AKA my son can be really rough with it and it’s going to last. A bonus, it tells jokes, dances, and responds to your voice. Also, at under $50 this is such a great price point.

Beyblade Burst Turbo Championship Clash Battle Set– Vinny and his buds love playing with Beyblades and I thought having a little “arena” to do battles would be such fun for them.

Tech Deck Skateboard and Ramps– This is a gift that will please both Vinny and my husband. I don’t know what it is about boys and tech decks but they love them. Bonus for mom: it all cleans up nicely and tucks into the container.

Nintendo Switch– Last but definitely not least is the Nintendo Switch. Vinny got this last year and plays with it daily. I know video games are not for everyone but, if you let your kids play them this is so nice because it can travel with you and be a console for the TV. His favorite games are Minecraft and Super Smash Brothers if you need some game ideas.

Cece (girl age 2.5)

Cece is definitely my favorite to shop for right now. She loves babies, and horses, makeup, and playing dress-up so there are so many great options for her. It was honestly hard to narrow it down. Especially, because toys for her age are so affordable. But, here are my top Target toy choices for Cece.

Doctor Set– Cece loves putting on band-aids and taking her temperature so I know she is going to love this doctor playset. I love B. Toys at Target, they have the cutest stuff.

Minnie Mouse Purse– Cece loves Minnie Mouse I also got her a cute Minnie robe for Christmas. She’ll love the sunglasses and bracelets that come in this purse too! Basically, you cannot go wrong with anything Minnie at this age.

Frozen Elsa Dress Up Shoes– These are under $5 which is a great deal. Cece is not into Frozen yet, but I am really hoping by Christmas time she is. But, even if she isn’t she loves playing dress-up.

Frozen Elsa Dress– Honestly, I think it’s just a matter of time before my girls are Frozen obsessed so I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve ha!

Our Generation Doll (affordable American Girl Doll)– Since Cece isn’t quite at the age for a true American Girl Doll I love this affordable option. I know she will love that it looks like her and has so many different accessory options.

Our Generation Hairplay Horse– I thought this was was the perfect accessory for the Our Generation doll. Plus Cece loves horses. The fact you can style the hair too is an awesome feature.

Perfectly Cute Baby Doll + Accessories– This doll is super cute and I love how many accessory options it has. Shop the accessories here: baby bottle, stroller, and carrier. All of the accessories are under $10 so these are perfect options if you need something small to get your order to $100!

Lil’ Gleamers Interactive Pet- This is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Holly (girl age 10 months 1 By Christmas)

Llama Stacking Light Up Toy– a perfect educational toy for a baby.

Walk n’ Pop Light Up Push Along– We are pretty sure Holly will be walking any day now and this toy will be so fun for her once she is. It’s another B. Toy so the colors are really cute.

Rocking Unicorn– A fun twist on the classic rocking horse gift. I can guarantee all of my kiddos will be fighting over this. What is it about big kids wanting to play on baby toys!? It’s definitely age-appropriate for both girls which is a huge bonus.

I hope my top Target Toy Picks helps you get a kick start on your holiday shopping without breaking the bank! If you don’t have a red card yet I highly recommend getting one. It’s not a credit card, it is just a debit card that links to your bank. It gets you free shipping + 5% off every time. You can’t beat 30% off toys. If you want to see my Easter gift guide click here. Stay tuned for more gift guides to come throughout the holiday season!

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