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Baby Shower Gift Idea

Baby Shower Gift Idea
  1. If I Could Keep You Little Book this book is a family favorite. It is one that reminds me of the classic Love You Forever book but, this one is not as commonly gifted.
  2. Indestructible Books are such a great gift. They are under $5 and are a great sensory toy. They feel like paper but they are, like the name says indestructible. You can even put them in the washing machine. Kids love to think they’re playing with a real book and this gives them that feeling with out actually destroying pages.
  3. Zip-up Onesie Pajamas are the absolute best for a new baby. That’s pretty much all they wear for the first year of life. Pro Tip: buy size 6months or larger, typically people buy newborn clothes at the shower so having larger sizes for when the baby is bigger is super helpful.
  4. Baby Paper is another one of my favorite sensory baby toys. It feels like paper and makes a crunchy sound. Both of my girls absolutely loved this toy.
  5. Storage Tote instead of buying a gift bag I love to give the gift in something that is more practical. Target has an awesome selection of canvas totes.
  6. If I don’t do a storage tote I also love personalizing a bag or tote. Apolis makes beautiful canvas, water proof bags. Apolis is one of the first brands I worked with. They have such an amazing mission and employ people around the world at fair wages. They use their business to make social changes. It is such a wonderful company.
  7. Nuby Teething Tablets are such a game changer when it comes to teething. I used them with all three of my kids and they work wonders. I swear each and every one of them would go from tears of pain to smiling with these tablets. Such a great hidden gem.
  8. Cozy Blankets you can never have too many of them for your littles. Target has my favorite ones and they are under $15

If you’re looking for some more mom hacks, check out this blog post. p.s. it would also make for a great gift idea!

Each and every one of these items are all things I have used with my own children. They are not too pricey and make for a perfect baby shower gift. I love that they are items that are not overly gifted and things any mom will make use of. I hope this helps you shop for your next baby shower or even for your own baby.

always tina