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Three Hair Trends I am Loving

hair style
hair style

Hair accessories are such an affordable way to take your outfit to the next level. I have been loving these three options to dress up any look. I am not a huge jewelry person so these have been great ways to add little details to my everyday outfits.


I love that the Barrette is a super simple way to pull your hair back. I think it looks perfect with loose waves or if you’re doing a messy braid or bun it can add to that too. Even with a ponytail, it can give it a more polished/finished look. Basically, a barrette goes with any hairstyle.

hair style


Scrunchies have truly come full circle. I can’t even tell you how many school pictures I was rocking a scrunchie. So, when they came back in I was like Ummm yes, please! When I am on day three or four hair I love to put my hair up in a bun and add a scrunchie. This one with the bow makes me look so much more put together.

hair style

Hair Scarf:

There are so many great ways to wear a hair scarf or “neckerchief”. The traditional or simple way is to just tie it around your neck but, I also love tying it around a ponytail. You can also tie it up around and achieve a bandeau or headband look. Another super cute and feminine way to wear a scarf is by tying it at the bottom of a loose braid.

So, tell me.. what is your favorite hair trend? If you try any of these out make sure you tag me in the post. I love seeing your individual take and style.

always tina