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Preparing for Baby #3

This post is sponsored by Dreft Home. The opinions and content are my own. I only work with brands I truly love, thank you for your support.

There are a lot of things that come to mind when preparing for a baby. To name a few; getting the nursery ready, baby proofing the house, stocking up on bottles, bibs, binkies and other essentials. But, for me one of the main things that comes to mind is washing all of baby clothes. Whether they are new or hand-me-downs, I like to make sure all of my baby’s clothes are freshly washed and ready to go. There is only one name brand I trust for this and it is Dreft. I used it with Vincent and continue to use it for Cece. Not only do I use and love their baby detergent, anytime a new product is released I scoop it up. Did you know that they make products for the home as well? They all have that great Dreft baby smell, they’re hypoallergenic, free of dyes, chlorine and phosphates.

Preparing for Baby with DreftPreparing for Baby with Dreft

Lately, my go to has been the Dreft Laundry Stain Remover. Between milk/food stains, blow outs and any other messes our little ones can make, it ALWAYS gets the stain out. I am not joking when I say always. I recommend this product to everyone, even people without kiddos. This week alone I’ve used it to remove pizza stains on my table runner and blow out stains on both the car seat and changing table cover. I usually give Cece’s bibs a good spray down before I put them in the laundry basket too. This helps prevent the bibs from being too stained up for her to wear again.

A few other of my other go-to’s have been the Dreft Odor Eliminator & Fabric Refresher and Dreft All Purpose Cleaner. I use the all purpose cleaner to wipe down most surfaces and toys in our playroom. Another awesome feature about the Dreft Home products is that their ingredients are all plant based and considered a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Basically, that means they are using renewable resources and doing their part to keep our world a little greener.

Preparing for Baby with DreftPreparing for Baby with Dreft

Another way we are preparing for baby #3 is by doing an addition to our home. We have a three bedroom, 1950’s ranch with no true master bedroom. A master bedroom with a bathroom and walk-in closet is something we have always wanted and since we are having another baby, we figured why not turn our room into the nursery and add a true master bedroom. We actually break ground on the addition this week. So, stay tuned for upcoming posts with the nursery and master bedroom updates.

Preparing for Baby with Dreft

Preparing for Baby with Dreft

Lastly, with my due date being so close to Christmas, one small way I am preparing is by getting matching Christmas pajamas for all the kiddos. My due date is December 23rd and I am fully anticipating and mentally preparing myself for the worst case scenario: labor on christmas. But, in case that doesn’t happen and I have her before Christmas I want to be prepared. Stay tuned for the pajamas we end up ordering. Sidenote: I will be washing the new pajamas in Dreft detergent before we wear them. Check out this quick little article on why it’s important (here) . So, tell me how do you prepare for baby?

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