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Top Toddler Shoes

When it comes to shoes for Cece I want quality and support. Of course, I also want them to be cute but I am always about comfort and practicality first. I also like something that she can wear multiple ways. So, I’ve rounded up my top toddler shoe picks for spring and summer.

toddler shoes

Sneakers/Tennis Shoes:

I love the See Kai Run brand at Target because its style + functionality. They are meant to keep up with toddlers. The Adidas baseline shoes and converse are my favorite twinning options. I can’t wait to match with Cece in my white converse too. Another huge perk is that they are gender neutral and can be passed down between brother and sisters. Hunter boots are also another great gender neutral shoe.

toddler shoes

Sandals/Water Shoes:

The pink water shoes are a great Native dupe. They are super affordable too. I also love that they are closed toed. I try and keep my kiddos in closed toed shoes as often as possible. I am not a fan of flip flops. They are dangerous tripping hazards for little ones. I love the little girl Birkenstock dupes. They are also affordable and a safer sandal option since they have straps. Lastly, I HAD to include JELLY SHOES!! I used to love my jelly shoes as a kid. I liked the neutral white/silver so they can go with almost anything. Another great perk is that they are closed toed. These will be dressed up more than everyday wear.

Matching Picks for Mom:

My shoreline converse are my most beloved sneakers. They go with basically any outfit during summer. I also love my Rose Gold Birk dupes from Target. Adidas has another really great twinning option too. I am so happy that Cece is finally at the age where her and I can twin shoes. I just couldn’t justify investing in her shoes before she was really mobile and now that she is I am so excited!

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