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My Favorite Ikea Finds

If you’re like me, you don’t live near an Ikea. So, that means if you decide to take the trip you want to make sure you stock up.  I’ve compiled my favorite Ikea finds to help guide you when you’re there and make sure you don’t forget anything. These are things I’ve either purchased or had my eye on to purchase. Recently, I took a trip to our closest Ikea which is about an hour and a half away in Columbus, Ohio. It was a nice little girls day with my friends Lauren and Alexa. Lauren also has a baby girl. Our daughters are only two months apart and Alexa just recently started blogging too check her page out Mats and Mutts. We had the best time exploring Ikea and taking it all in. They were both first timers so I helped guide them through. When we pulled in I predicted we would be there about two hours, we ended up being there for nearly four hours!!

First, I’ll start with the fun stuff! The little decor pieces. You probably see them styled all over Instagram. They are the classic Ikea pieces. Lanterns, pitchers, faux plants, vases, candles and a little sherpa rug are all must haves when you visit Ikea. The prices are unbeatable. I like to have these pieces in stock at home and switch them out periodically.

These are the best of the best kid items. The wood table is only $25! We have had ours for years and it has held up great. I’ve seen a few cute ways to spruce this up if it is too plain for you. I personally like the simplicity of it. But, another Mom blogger spray painted the legs rose gold and it looked super cute. I love their line of plushies that are designed by kids. This wooden baby gym is great because it blends in any room. The stacking cups are an awesome educational baby toy. They help develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. If you remember from my gift guide, I am all about educational toys. Through my experience the educational toys are the ones they play with the most. Kids like to be challenged. The circus tent is a great toy to unleash their imagination. My little one loves puppet shows and this tent is perfect for that. Ikea also has an awesome set of finger puppets.

Link to: Rose Gold Ikea Table

Lastly, I have to share some of the best of the best of their organizational items. In my playroom we have the 16 cube Kallax storage unit with the Lekman storage cubes. Without this, my play room would be a complete mess. The only issue with it is, it doesn’t hold larger toys. But, it is perfect for legos, blocks, kinex, dolls, shopkins, hot wheels and the random toys with no home. Lauren and Alexa picked up these awesome shoe organizers to put in their garage. Our garage isn’t connecting so I skipped on these for now. Once, we create our mud room area in the basement I will definitely need to invest in these. They are very flat to the wall and take up little space. This little “mini file cabinet” is so cute and perfect for the small toys. My son is a collector so I picked it up for him. It is perfect for all of his tiny toys. With a little one in the house now we have to be more conscious about putting the small toys away. Another one of my favorite Ikea finds is their three tiered roll cart. Check out my Nursery Post to see how I use my cart. So, these are only a few of the many organizational options at Ikea. It was really hard to narrow them down but, these are my favorite unique and functional items. Lastly, if you’re all about displaying books you need these floating shelves and spice racks. I like to display books and change them out with the seasons and these are perfect for that. I have the white ones in both kids rooms and I just picked up the wood spice racks to put in my playroom.

If you decide to make the trek to Ikea or you have one right around the corner I hope this helps map out your must haves. I didn’t share links because their shipping is super expensive and not worth it, in my opinion. Comment your favorite IKEA finds below.




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  1. December 31, 2017 / 2:27 pm

    Hi Tina , happy New year to you and your Family? It looks like a fun Girls trip armed with coffee in hand , I love it! There are some cute pieces here . I usually go to target or target.com for items similar to Ikea, but I might just return to Ikea! Take care Tina, hugs, Terri xo.