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Pom Pom Everything!

Hey guys this is just a quick little fun post because I absolutely love this trend. Pom pom hats, pom pom boots, pom pom blankets, pom pom decor, POM POM EVERYTHING! Pom Poms are like the new chevron, they are everywhere!I just have to say pom poms make me happy. How could they not!? They are so fun! So Here is a round up of my favorite pom pom finds.

Beanies are a classic Pom Pom style. These are a few of my faves. I love the not so typical Pom Pom hat that has lots of little Pom Poms instead of just the big one at the top. The center hat my daughter and I have matching. I love that the brand of it is called “CC” because that’s my daughters name and initials.

Purple Pom Pom Hat//Pom Pom Hats//White Pom Pom Hat//Kids Pom Pom White Hat

My daughter and I own these sweaters and even though they aren’t matching I love that they coordinate. The socks are also a fun way to incorporate Pom Poms into your wardrobe.

Baby Girl Pom Pom Sweatshirt//Pom Pom Sweater//Pom Pom socks//Ugg Socks//Socks

I absolutely love these fun designs. Mules are a closet staple and these are such a cute version. Obviously, they aren’t for everyone but I think they are so cool. The purses are also a great way to incorporate Pom Pom’s into your style.

Pom Pom Flats//Pom Pom Purse//Pom Pom Mules//Pom Pom Earring

We have the Pom Pom drapes in my daughters nursery. They are perfect without being too much. These are a few other Pom Pom decor ideas for a nursery or play room.

Pom Pom Bedding//Pom Pom Curtains//Pom Pom Storage//Pom Pom Mobile//Cloud Mobile

If you love Pom Poms as much as I do you need these goodies. Magnets and a phone charger are seriously the cutest things ever! The garland is by a super cool small shop that is definitely worth checking out. I love anything with cat ears so the keychain is a must.

Pom Pom Garlands//Phone Charger//Magnets//Pom Pom Key Chain

Last, are a few ways you can get creative and make your own Pom Poms. I have been so inspired by Shop Leo Kids that I want to try and make my own Pom Pom garland and mobile. Wish me luck!

Pom Pom Book//Pom Pom Maker//Pom Pom Toy



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  1. November 28, 2017 / 11:19 pm

    Hi Tina, the pom pom trend is so cute!! such cute hats on display, and I love you and your daughter have matching ones! The sweater and socks are a great way to incorporate the pom pom’s too. You will do great in your creativity ! Take care Terri xo.