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Hi guys! So I wanted to do a post and just share what we have been up to lately. Vinny my oldest (5) just started kindergarten. We are getting into the routine and he is loving school. So far he has done really well transitioning into such a busy day. I couldn’t be more proud of him. I always knew he was such a great kid but to see him go off to kindergarten with out an ounce of fear, I was overjoyed.


But, with that said it hasn’t been the easiest on me. It has been so much change all at once, and I am not a fan of change! For so long it was just me and Vinny. We had the best time together. He is my little partner in crime and we spoke in our own little language. In the mornings when we would walk outside we would both sing, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” or when he says “best mom ever” and I respond “best kid ever”. We loved flying by the seat of our pants. Some days we would spend snuggled up watching YouTube, and some days we would end up on an adventure to the dollar store. I miss our days together. The house is so much quieter with out him. Yes, sometimes it’s nice but, I also just miss him so much. The days  can feel so over scheduled now. He gets home, we do homework, eat dinner and sometimes have soccer practice. It’s a lot to adjust to. But, now that we are a few weeks into school and soccer we are starting to feel in the routine of it all.


Welcoming his little sister also changed things quickly. I can’t give him my undivided attention. Just like with kindergarten, he has adjusted to this beautifully. He loves his baby sister and hasn’t shown any signs of jealousy or resentment. He always gives her kisses and says how we got the cutest baby in the whole world. He is such a kind and thoughtful boy. But, again it hasn’t been the easiest for me. I absolutely love this baby phase and Cece is such a good baby but, some days I feel like my patience with Vinny can run thin. I tell myself I am going to be calm, I am not going to be “on” Vinny for every little thing. But, then he will wipe his crumby hands on the couch, or come into Cece’s nursery screaming while I’m trying to put her down and its like I forget he is only five. These are normal behaviors. But, every day we get more used to our new family of four. So, lately I have been working on my patience and presence when it comes to Vinny. Luckily, he still thinks I’m the “best mom ever.” I consider myself a work in progress.

One of the reasons I really wanted to share this is for any other mom’s experiencing something similar. It is okay if you are overwhelmed and tired. It is okay if you let your oldest spend a few extra minutes on the tablet or watching TV while you are nursing the baby. Balance will come. My mantra lately is, “Enjoy the moment, because this too shall pass”.

When it comes to Cece it has been so great. I am nursing her and loving the bond we share. We spend our afternoons snuggled up on the couch. She will nurse all day if I let her, and most days I do! Today was actually my first day back to work and I have missed her so much. I absolutely dread pumping. Sitting in a cold storage/lactation room is not nearly as enjoyable as having my warm baby cozied up on my chest. But, it is the most rewarding feeling to be able to provide her with all of her nourishment. Its crazy how much you can love something so small and new.

So, basically life lately has been a mix of chaotic greatness.



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