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First blog post

I have to admit I am so excited to start sharing, but also very intimidated. There are so many different bloggers out there with great content, and I really hope that mine has a place among them! From the time I was in third grade up until my freshmen year of college I always kept some sort of diary or journal. I loved having a place to keep record of my thoughts and ideas. After having my son my sophomore year of college, instead of filling up journals I began filling up baby books. Well, my son just started Kindergarten and we welcomed my daughter in June. So, even though I am still filling up baby books, I decided it is time to start recording for me again!

IMG_7841 (2)

Photograph of my actual diaries.

I thought a blog would be the perfect outlet. I am constantly inspired by so many other bloggers and instagrammers and have always secretly wanted to be one of those inspiring others. I am super excited to start sharing my ideas and the ideas of like-minded bloggers! Thanks so much for reading.